Ferguson Industrial Co. electrical control repair. Automation upgrades and field service, electrical engineering and design for production machinery. PLC repair and code writing
Automation Controls and Integration Service

Controls and Integration Service

We have the experience to repair your machine even when the going gets tough. Technology in electronics changes often so with components becoming obsolete quickly, we are very well suited to find reman components or engineer around problems. Our field technicians are serious about getting your problem corrected quickly because we know time is money. From basic repairs to new systems, we will be on the way if you need us!

Automation Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design

At Ferguson Industrial Co. we have an excellent engineering and design team. We can design new control panels, complete automation systems, robot install and programming, code writing, etc.

Automation Upgrades

Have an old machine with a lot of potential and very little technology? Ferguson Industrial Co. is able to use those good bones and bring it to life with modern technology. Here is how we can turn that old machine into a profit center

CNC Conversions

We can upgrade older equipment to be cnc controlled.

PLC Repair and Replacement

If your plc needs to be repaired or replaced, we have the resources for fast service.

Code Writing

Our integrators can write code and make adjustments at the machine for reliable machine production.

Safety Curtains and Area Scanners

Safety is everyone’s largest concern! We can add equipment to stop a machine immediately when an operator is somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Data Reporting

Cycle counts, uptime and operator presence are metrics that must be monitored. We can add the equipment necessary to do so.

Maximize Machine Potential

Increased speed, machine reliability and ease of use is required to be successful. Our controls engineers can make that happen!

Experience the Ferguson Difference

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