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Manual Machining

When you need a low quantity of custom parts machined or simply needing a single replacement our manual machines are up to the task. We have very skilled manual machinists that are well versed in lathe, milling, and broaching operations. Reversed engineered parts for breakdown repairs are most commonly manufactured in our manual machine shop.

CNC Machining CNC Machining

CNC Machining

For multiple part runs and very complex geometry our CNC machines are ready to be set up and run your project. Our CNC machinists are skilled at programming, part set up, and machine operation. 

  • We work with any material
  • Quick turnaround
  • High quality parts
  • 24/7 Emergency service available
  • All Industries serviced
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Breakdown Repair Specialists

Does your facility run around the clock? Ferguson Industrial Co. is on call 24/7 to get ahead of any breakdowns that may happen outside of normal business hours.
With one call, we can coordinate with onsite staff, pick up the damaged part if no prints are available, make the part, and deliver it. We handle breakdown situations on a regular basis and we have lots of experience in the best methods for quick reliable repairs. Our machine shop keeps material on hand for these situations when suppliers are closed.